+Staff Highlights

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Introducing Dr. Anne Walker, the newest member of our team here at The Wesley Foundation! Anne Walker joined us in July and will be serving as the Director of Student Development. She will also be leading The I Am Program for women at OSU and NOC.

Anne is a proud ENFJ, a one-time Citrus Bowl Halftime performer, and a vibrant people-person. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Religious Education, and an M.A. in Ethics from Claremont School of Theology.

Anne stumbled into theology. She didn’t start out knowing that she wanted to do ministry; it just happened one day. In fact, Anne began her education in advertising until she realized she didn’t want to spend her life “selling Cheerios!” Her true life purpose began to click when she listened to a woman preaching and realized, “I could do that…I want to do that!” Anne has now been working in ministry for eighteen years.

Anne’s life work is about identity. She is highly passionate about creating spaces for people to learn about God and about themselves. Anne has an amazing and unique ability to foster an environment that is welcoming, open, and safe enough for people from all walks of life to come and grow. Anne’s desire is to see humans loving themselves and loving others, making Jesus’ Greatest Commandment a reality. She longs to see people understanding who they really are. She wisely states, “ Our full humanity is created in the image of God. When we embrace our passions and our limitations, we can heal the world.”

Anne is a remarkable human. We cannot brag on her enough, and we are thrilled to have her on the team.

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We are pleased to introduce our intern-chef-extraordinaire, Claire Adams!

Claire is a senior Hospitality and Tourism Management student here at Oklahoma State University, and has been involved at The Wesley Foundation since the beginning of her freshman year when she attended the annual Freshman Cookout.

Claire is passionate about cooking, decorating, pinterest, and loving people by giving them (ridiculously delicious) food. You can find Claire cooking for Exposed, teaching her own cooking class, and making breakfast for The Wesley’s Sunday worship!

Not only does Claire have impeccable talent with a crockpot, but she also makes a mean breakfast burrito. She is a connoisseur of pinterest recipes (catch her flawless recipe boards via @clairebear2403) and a truly servant-hearted super chef.

Her dream is to host, plan, and coordinate beautiful events for country clubs on the East Coast; and, you know what? We have no doubt that she’ll accomplish that dream.

Thanks, Claire, for everything that you do!


Meet Shay Bryant! Shay is a senior, Early Childhood Education major, and the women’s ministry intern here at The Wesley Foundation. Shay leads Exposed Bible Study every Wednesday and coordinates Exposed Worship. Among many more incredible facts, Shay says she’s raised cattle, her Aspen drink of choice is, of course, a Granita, and she’s a sucker for a good Lysa Terkeurst book.

During her junior year, Shay was invited to take on a leadership role at Exposed. What terrified her at first, Shay now considers a space to do exactly what she loves. What Shay adores most about Exposed Worship is that it is a safe place for incredible women to come together and share their stories in raw and vulnerable ways. Shay excitedly proclaims, “Having brave women telling their stories every week at Exposed reminds us that everyone goes through trials. It teaches us to never be ashamed. It’s a chance to connect, grow, and remember that every part of our reality is valid. Just because something has happened to you doesn’t mean you can’t do incredible things. Your dreams are still possible.”

Clearly, Shay is passionate about women’s ministry, and from our point of view, she is uniquely, beautifully equipped for it. She believes in empowering women to love themselves and love each other on a whole new level. When asked what message she wished every woman knew and believed, Shay said this: “Every part of your story is important and amazing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t meet the world’s expectations, because God has incredible plans for each of your lives. Press on.”

Need we say more? Shay has wisdom spilling out of her! Thanks, Shay, for shining an unbelievably bright and bold light here at The Wesley Foundation!